Kelly McKernan

16.04.18 - 22:00
❤ 803
Today is your last chance to snag a custom resin print commission! You can even get yours hand-embellished by yours truly. 🔗in bio! ✨
@roboyel These are so beautiful! What resin do you use if you don't mind me asking?
@kelly_mckernan @roboyel thanks! It's @art_resin
@cosmomynx I hear Brazilian Girls in the background!
@kateandbree Why does everything look 100x more awesome when encapsulated in resin? So shiny!
@snackpaprikash Wow you are really good at that! That stuff is tricky!
@tiakinsmanart Now that is a precision tool! 🍴Might have to use that idea for when I pour resin over my next bigger cameo 🤔
@kelly_mckernan @tiakinsmanart I happened to have a lot of plastic cutlery at the time, so I just grabbed it! A spoon or knife even does better. 😅
@sharpenedcrayon @superficialdanger u will love her art
@kelly_mckernan @tattooedhorselady it's so dangerously addictive
@kelly_mckernan @snackpaprikash ha! I wish. It is!!