Martin Schmetzer

13.04.18 - 17:11
❀ 3052
Wrapping up the week and this design for King Ink. Have a nice weekend!
@terpene_creative Eyegasm
@kustom01 πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ½
@sawe_ray You is the King..πŸ‘‘id put two hearts for this but Instagram only allows one...dawmmit😁.
@raindrop_lettering FABULOUS LETTERING!!😍
@slickairbrush Awesome
@rutheharper This is SOOOO fantastic!! Top notch. WELL DONE.
@alpworx Damn tasty
@td_forest it's great!!
@davesmithartist This is beautifully designed @schmetzer
@mistersoul216 Insane!!!!!