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My deepest gratitude for all those who have been sending kind comments, messages, and thoughts these last few days. This last week really pushed me to my limits mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, my spirits were high from all the love and support (and pain pills - as pictured here 😅), so I was able to have a successful @c2e2. The real MVP was my amazing partner, @taylor.h.carroll, who took care of every need while also singlehandedly managing my table for me for most of the event. All that said, when I was able to be present, I truly enjoyed getting to meet many new and old fans of my work! I'm nearly back to Nashville and will take a couple days to rest and process everything, then will return to work later this week answering emails and sending out orders. My Patreon patrons will be getting a big update very soon as well. Thanks again, everyone. I love my community!


@wendyortizart Kelly, you are so amazing 💕😊
@kelly_mckernan @wendyortizart no, you are! 💜💜💜
@tattooedhorselady I’m so glad to hear you pulled through all right. I’m so sorry you had to go through what you went through, especially in Chicago (I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it down!), but I hope you’ll be able to fully rest and process once back home.
@kelly_mckernan @tattooedhorselady thanks! I'm forcing myself to take it easy tomorrow, and have a massage on weds before diving back into work. 🤕
@cosmo1331x Glad to hear your doing better. Please take it easy to allow yourself to heal!
@kelly_mckernan @cosmo1331x thanks! I'll be doing my best to, though I'm a bit of a workaholic 😅
@keifferone I couldn't make it this year (had a bad accent at work) but I had one request for some friends of mine and that was to pick up the pans labyrinth print from you. If you are there next year I would love to bring it back and have you sign it if that is ok.
@kelly_mckernan @keifferone aw, of course!!
@tattooedhorselady @kelly_mckernan A massage is definitely going to make you feel tons better. Take it easy and feel better.
@zararocs My heart is with you, I love your work. You’re a strong, awesome artist just making things happen and it’s amazing to see. You’re an inspiration!