Henrik Aa. Uldalen

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27.03.18 - 12:56
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Rough first pass on a new painting. Always enjoying this part. What’s your favorite part of the process?
@onesizekillsall Love your work and the process of it being created! Best part is ... hmmm, good question. Getting the underpaintings done- seeing the larger areas covered quickly .. small details seem to drag on( for me).
@rflemingdraws Love the colors and brush strokes. 💖
@levidepiel Que bella pintura
@ddincaujr Leave it rough
@dastan_t_othman Great work
@drowsypaints I like the roughs but my favorite is smoothing everything
@djdevdog When it turns from color blobs to works of art
@smatdraw I love it! 😍 I do realism myself if anyone want to check it out and give me some feedback 😊
@brad-romance What do you paint on?
@adamsontattooart My favorite part is loosely capturing a believable image, skillz