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Tuesday Tips — Long Lines : one way to bring a pose “together” and simplify it in many ways, is to forgo the small choppy lines and go for long uninterrupted lines that move through the figure and connect its parts more seamlessly. Push strokes to their absolute limit instead of breaking it down too soon. You can always go back and make it more complicated if you like. Overall, long lines bring a kind of unity to most poses. -Norm @grizandnorm






@jeazya This is very helpful!
@amandapeachhughes @falconwarrior_1138 you'd love this!!
@zip-sap It is super hard to get rid of the choppy line mode. I always fall back to it.
@streats Love this! I just started life drawing and I can already relate to this. I love finding the "weight" of the pose and locking that in
@pruntysketches Awesome tip, thank you. I'm always looking for a way to make my gestures more dynamic
@subysquirts Love when you share these!! 🙏🙏🙏
@subysquirts Make a book of these!!!
@cadu_dos_livros I love this series. You teach in a simple image things most teachers can’t communicate in a whole class. Thanks for sharing these ❤️
@brattybrittbites Awesome! Can't wait for the second book!
@lauresillus Thank you very much ! This is tip is very helpful !