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13.02.18 - 21:09
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@ray__rod This one is gonna be Wicked Rad!!!
@ray__rod Where did you find your clipboard?
@kinkster420 Coffin Kids
@mudcracked @craig.gleason Mr. Gleason, what kind of paper is that?
@rocknrollmonster_77 Love the Shriners!😈💖
@muzak_mitch Whoever gets this one is LUUUCKY 🍀
@visionfriend 👌
@juliomartinalonso Those guys mean bussiness!!! 😎
@agima00 Snice!!! I love it when you do more than one guy and i love it even more when they are doinG something BIG!! Ps: will there be another two winners of the 95k contest? Or only one?
@scrimjab that nose is great
@mxwldm This is an original I'd sell a kidney for