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13.02.18 - 19:41
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Happy GALENTINE's day!!!!! I'm posting a new costume cheat sheet of dresses and reposting pants cheat sheet. Cause we gals can wear whatever we want!!! Have a lovely time celebrating your friendship with your bestest girlfriends. Griz









@kat_cearns I love this!
@sharktooth72 Wonderful!!
@archerandivy Happy GALentine’s day!! 💕💕💕
@divalea All this time I thought an a-line was more like a tent! You probably know tent dresses are also called “swing” and “trapeze” dresses.
@suvetha21 @suresh.menon
@barneymarsh This looks for all the world like a display of chromosomes :-D
@alexo_soto Happy Galentines day!! I needed this in my life!
@theartofrobertviljoen Always have trouble coming up with different clothes, this is quite helpful😊
@1cat2cat3cat4 Love these💕💕💕💕
@ezen_art THANK YOU, I never know the names of these! Could you maybe make one more men’s clothes?
@ohthatsean Thanks this is very helpful!
@saraa-amber @dulgantulga
@lulusketches love this! question: is there a different between a tent dress vs. a trapeze vs. a swing dress? or are they names for the same thing? I’ve been trying to figure this out a while, figured you might know griz!!
@curiouszhi Love!!!
@lisette_lisen LOVE this! 😍👌
@feevd Wow! Thank u! Never knew there were so many names for the different styles😍😍
@kaidusa Great guide. Now i actually can understand some of the names my fashion friend is talking about.
@jmhigg Do you think your book, 100 Tuesday Tips will be on sale again at some point? Every time I look it’s sold out.
@chemnicorn I love clothes references. Life drawing does not teach you how to draw anything but nekkid. 😶
@grizandnorm @jmhigg It’s available now on our Etsy store.