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Media by Conor Harrington · BfGNt0vjbNX · Likes: 893 · Posted: 2018-02-12T13:44
12.02.18 - 13:44
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@sjse1347 Hmm?
@relentlessrealestate Stay golden pony boy
@deanzeus Best painting you have done to date 😜
@synchroneyes lolin Amazing!!!
@synchroneyes I love the way it shines
@synchroneyes And those strokes
@synchroneyes Those strokes are just so strokey
@synchroneyes Oh and the photo
@synchroneyes What a photo
@synchroneyes Might I add
@sjse_travelfan Beautiful
@tannerrichardanderson 👀👀
@jatinderdurhailay Gold
@laurajayne27_ I've had gold by spandau ballet in my head all day because of this!