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12.02.18 - 09:05
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Cars are hard.
@strangestkiddo 👏😍💣
@neontigerwings Awesome and the goon is behind the wheel, hahaha..
@rythehuman87 This is awesome! Now this I want to see as a toy set or a sculpture.. I imagine this is the Happy Meal toy I wish I had growing up.. okay now too.
@modern_mosey It's cus they're made outta dee-troit steel
@denismarquesss Que linda essa imagem parabens cara
@popmutant Love that you gave the car that trademark Gleason shadow
@microwaved_rat That looks lit
@neko_lewds You still did a good job tho
@gavin-the-ghoul Wacky Races vibes 👌👌👌
@senrabtrebor Check out @speedluck a super talented artist that might give some inspiration!