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11.02.18 - 19:21
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Who’s ready to see Bob back in action?!






@catyushkah ZOMGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
@catyushkah I want THIS animated and in a MOVIE!!!
@coi-things this is so freaking rad
@coi-things this is so freaking rad
@dreadfvl1 Toooo rad
@the_david_gagnon Your art is So much fun
@the_pencilpig Very ready
@wooomph Sooo ready!
@lolalaloose Wow this is freaking awesome
@davegreco_art Superb as always!
@joverine Amazing. And yes, can’t wait!
@jasonpolkovitz Hell yes.
@markomendonca Fantastic
@fezlab Who’s ready for a real omnidroid toy?
@acitrusconstellation ME
@nagjpop ME!ME!ME!
@coreyrobinsoon 🔥🔥🔥
@lucky_nr_777 Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah
@mccodan Im ready now
@alfonsofdzg @stella_steb that transition though
@jonathansundy Sweet!