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11.02.18 - 08:29
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Hey everyone! The SOLAR SCUM shirt is up for preorder. This shirt is going to be so incredibly cool in person. Don’t sleep on this sale, these are preorder only! After 7 days these will be gone for good! (Link in my bio)
@_bridget-lang_ This design is seriously so rad, I can’t wait!!! 😍💚😭
@muzak_mitch My man! 👊🏼
@buggritto What can I pick up in this shirt? Will it help me pick up potato’s because honestly I pick up way more potato’s than chairs
@fischermrtnz couldnt sleep on it
@wunny_brunty 🔥🔥
@alettawalker I'm pretty excited on the colors you chose for this shirt
@coerrart YAYYY