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11.02.18 - 16:13
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Good morning Mouseketeers!












@_lardlad_ Love it
@jessicax37 Mickeys a great guy ❤️
@grunerart Is Mickey painted on a cell, or is it all one layer? Looks great!
@onwey Good morning!
@musicaffeinator 😊 @neverland_diaries
@ericscales13 @grunerart this one is all one layer. Gouache on watercolor paper
@theyankeeartist This is phenomenal!!
@gregbsq5 Eric, is this still available and in original like the other Disney Art Watch work?
@ericscales13 @carolinaaudisq5 no it sold many years ago
@gregbsq5 @ericscales13 thank you. Do they still have that program? I heard it was stopped, which is a shame. I like original work. My wife and I love Mickey and Minnie too. Do you have any other original pieces with Mickey and/or Minnie still available?