Griz and Norm Lemay

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10.02.18 - 17:44
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Cocoon. -Norm





@peggity-lisa Beautiful!
@eyaldraws Tarzan, is it you?😮
@theartofrobertviljoen These really make me think of Glen Keane's drawings. Is that pencil or digital?
@kaerieann So beautiful!
@peggity-lisa I forgot to ask, Norm, but do you break your conte stick to a certain size for the shading or use it as is? 😊
@grizandnorm @peggity.lisa I sand off the square edges before using a fresh new stick.
@grizandnorm @theartofrobertviljoen Conte stick (B) on smooth newsprint paper.
@peggity-lisa @grizandnorm Thanks for that! I've used charcoal sticks before but thought I'd try a conte stick, and it's much thicker than what I'm used to. 😁
@ptcreates i love this! is this charcoal or graphite?