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One of the three parts of "Evolution". 160x60cm. Acrylic on canvas. I find interesting to share with you this painting of long format divided into three equal parts.








@coolextrix11 This is wow!!
@_nature_boy_sage So it seems like the tiny man in the suit is the elite 1% (the men of Always), leading the big naked man with money skewered with a pointer signifying their power. The big man is the rest of the world (the men of Never), and his big size is represents comparitive size of the normal population compared to the elite (the tiny man). The tiny man is leading all of mankind along with nature to its ultimate destruction.
@dulk1 @_nature_boy_sage that's it!
@dulk1 @_nature_boy_sage 😉
@santarelli__ Que genial está 👏👏👏👏👏
@otiswoods I get the goosebumps looking at the being with skull head
@belumonini Tus obras son magníficas ❤️
@fabiennebuhagiar <3
@curcus_dream_factory Awesome colours <3