02.02.18 - 16:36
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Drafting with spray cans. Work in progress for Oracle Digital Prime. 2OI8 @montana_colors supplies from ——


















@henrytheartistiam Yes! My kitchen is almost done!!! Thanks guys!!! (Me wishing out loud )
@henrytheartistiam Amazing
@nettenique @clog_two I am a huge fan of you and @inkten work it's so amazing and pop out
@duranghost Amazing work
@mooz-one_india Coming out great bro!!!! 👏🤘
@lkzypr the fking máster ;
@lv81590 Freaking insane 😲 awesome work!
@artyfaz Awesomely sick ⭐️
@human_heart_ unreal talent
@katun_ Baekk!
@aleoart lolkkkk
@jereradacic Wooooe
@artbybillypearl 🙊
@p-a-u-l-y-w-a-l-n-u-t-s @theduskart
@roy_vu Awesome work
@deztined4greatness That's killer boss
@noharmdunne Next level, awesome as always 🤘🏻😍
@clog_two @henrytheartistiam hahah thanks man. You can start cooking now 😂
@clog_two @katun_ 😬😘
@henrytheartistiam @clog_two gotta to hit the bank first and get your 500k real quick for this piece. Haha
@henrytheartistiam @clog_two I'm dropping half a million on this joint.