Sonny Boy

31.01.18 - 01:52
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>Los Angeles, California<

Trophies I'm making for the David Mann @chopperfest are coming together nicely! Enter your bike into the show for your chance to win one of these handmade trophies and the best of show cash prize. Its happening this Sunday at the Ventura fairgrounds. Hope to see you there!!!








@templeauthentic 🌹
@rickstache0 Sick dude!!!
@just4_ig_flowers David Mann #Classic
@osut-mob sick
@daveherr-scf that’s so rad!
@borrowed_times_pdx Holy crap! Did you illustrate that bike scene?
@gen_loveearart Awesome!!!
@666pagan_ Nice to see someone taking on his Legacy RIP David Mann
@scott_takes_underground Hell ya!
@jrgphotography Awesome