Greg "Craola" Simkins

30.01.18 - 22:46
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Working hard on this next body of work, I can’t wait to share these new pieces with you✌️ in the meantime, anyone have any movie, podcast, music or audiobook recommendations to share for these long studio days?............................


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@guscutty Atlanta Monster podcast
@bluvdesigns If you are into some awesome 90’s nostalgia, I really loved the “Raised By TV” podcast with @laurenlapkus! Plus Lauren and Jon are SO funny!
@bluvdesigns Also, the new Paramore record “After Laughter” is amazing. ✌🏽
@erseventy Check out @attica_riots , a new up n coming awesome band from cold ol Winnipeg. On Spotify. I’m sure you already know of @slightlystoopid @stickfiguremusic @dirtyheads etc as they are all in Cali
@jinseysmith Depends on your taste but Ayreon -the Human equation, fav album. Progressive metal rock opera
@dylan-kain My band Novakain! We’re on Spotify and stuff. @novakainband
@gamma-rey Music @minimansions ... podcast @joerogan
@grraceatta @swordandscale is a good true crime podcast if you’re into that. Really interesting stories and each episode is a different story.
@maynardpayumo Listen to Last Podcast On The Left!!!!.... paranormal, cults, serial killers, aliens good stuff and hillarious
@art-of-meraki Ludivico Einaudi is a wonderful classical composer who keeps me inspired when im writing or in a zone. His work is BEAUTIFUL.