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Media by Marco Mazzoni · BelH7ulhjfi · Likes: 6501 · Posted: 2018-01-30T17:19
30.01.18 - 17:19
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“G” 2017, colored pencils on paper, 13x9 cm @supersonicart @spoke_art








@geesubay Beautiful! ❤️
@nattsmyg Lovely
@art_seeking 😍😍😍
@mariesoularue_art This piece is for a new exhibition @marcomazzoniart ?
@mrs-sacchinello È meraviglioso il modo in cui usi i colori
@marcomazzoniart @mariesoularue_art no it was for a show with @supersonicart in @spoke_art (Jan 6/28 ) 😊
@sara_vidigal Amazing ♡
@debrabaxterstudio powerful
@keli_1l_1i Beautiful. What 3 colors do you use?
@ronn-kools-artist Gorgeous 😍
@lalahmama How do you achieve such dark black with colored pencil, or do you do ink underneath?
@7even_real_days Marco, I have been following you for some time, and enjoy your creative immensely, I mostly like your colours that you creative with.😊
@joannaviheria Stunning!💙
@pablosuch Cool💛💛
@_fernbeds_ Beautiful.
@confuse-art Amazing 😍
@brooke_c_king Would you mind if I got this as a tattoo?
@ateleggedspydar So elegant & dramatic!😱😍🌟👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖
@vellicour Amazing work as always! Molto stupendo e baroque moderno
@hanna_heartwork ❤️❤️
@juandfayf 👏👏