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My new painting for @distinction_gallery “Patches” show. Opens Feb 10th! For more info contact @distinction_gallery





@lillesnegl aww!!!!!
@annastarlingart Beautiful.
@mortuarylover 💗
@drones_n_bones Whoa!
@limbsdisarm Brilliant!
@quachb 😍😍
@ryanmrray Love this!!
@gristletattoo 🖤🖤
@beachkittens She looks beautiful! Great work!
@innerwasteland So beautiful Jeremy
@dustyspradley That’s so beautiful.
@theewhitewitch Love!!! She’s such a beauty🖤
@themichaelfaith Familiar face 😊 Looks great Jeremy! 🖤
@timberchouse Awwwwwwwwww
@theresa-matuszewski Awwwww so lovely!!!!
@loulouleroux This is amazing! 🖤
@vanessafoley Gorgeous painting! And that’s a very beautiful model you have 😊💙
@bianca_olson13 Really lovely 🤘💞🤘
@sithlord32 ⚡️!
@jp__va @tray_tray28
@adipocere Instantly recognisable likeness!