Sonny Boy

29.01.18 - 23:05
❤ 1032
What a great turn out and time we had at this years Paint or Die 3 last Saturday. @dannydjefe thank you for bring us all together and providing a platform for us to share and experience a sense of camaraderie among each other. We all appreciate your passion and commitment to the craft!










@dannydjefe @sonnyboy_paint glad to have you there!
@lsdsigns Had my eye on those two boards...but didn't luck out....maybe next year!....@sonnyboy_paint
@brentrogerss danny rules !!
@transitions_sk8 🏁✨
@rock_m_fresh 👏👏👏👏👏👏😎🍻
@nickperri Dude, you are so insanely talented. Incredible board
@sylvaindemonet 👌🤘