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29.01.18 - 04:40
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The new Blood filled vinyl edition of my project with @cadabrarecords for “The Picture in the House” by H.P Lovecraft. Read by Andrew Leman and scored by the epic @fabiofrizzi Available thru @cadabrarecords







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@tankydarling This is the most beautiful record I’ve ever seen! Brilliant idea!
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@pastry_mistakes ... How?
@rotten_thread That is so cool!!!
@coltort @murderdolls1313 Dood! Look at this sick ass vinyl!
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@coltort @murderdolls1313 These new vinyl releases they're coming up with these days make CD's obsolete, and vinyls are older then they are!
@murderdolls1313 @coltort it's honestly amazing 😂
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