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28.01.18 - 18:37
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New sculpture in progress ! Step two : The stone 💎 Tomorrow Step 3 😉 Music: college


















@art_collective @artdiscovered @artfido
@ommelise I can’t wait to see more! I really love your work and enjoy your videos so much 😀
@treeofmirrors Looks awesome...can't wait to see the finished product 😍
@myantz You take skull to the next level! 💀🖤 what material do you use for the sculpting?
@sabaasamadi ❤❤
@chiefalianza Nice page you have here 😎 You should check out my clothing line @ForeignDreamsCo you might like what you see 👌
@ernestourios 😮👌🏽❤️
@natidezubi @hurtado_cristina
@psychitecture So inspired by this. I am amazed by your posts This is great!!
@printcess_leah @rickettycrickets 😍😍😍😍
@mooshook 💜amazing!
@christinegautheron Magnifique❣️💖
@christine_gautheron 👌👏💙😍
@psyindustries You are amazing!
@rickettycrickets @printcess_leah that's really cool, I wonder if that's clay or not. Looks so smooth and nice 👌🏼
@printcess_leah @rickettycrickets right😂 i want to touch it haha. I cant wait to see what it looks like once she’s finished