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26.01.18 - 20:08
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This week’s design challenge was “Flamingo”, so naturally it had to be turned into a creature.




@lambtarl As usual, this is phenomenal! That beak is great.
@cgwilfong-art This is so cool!
@t8ras 👹
@artbyhassan Dopeness
@wisharraz67 Awesome
@bsopinsky That’s so frickin rad!!
@victortattoosxm @mejaille
@zachomics a freakmingo
@wy_artist That’s a nice one 👌🏼
@fresh_organic_art Like it
@muhhl_in flamingross
@_y_magalhaes Awesome work
@redstyle___ 😍😍😍👏🙌
@tylerodraven This has to be tattooed!!!
@taurusof05 Seems like a great Street Sharks vilian
@amilton-cores Heheherhe
@fullcolor87 Good Job ! ;)
@photorobb 👍👍
@chris_hojo This is amazing!
@roy_vu Very nice
@visunuhuy wow so cool!!