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‘The issue is never abstract war, but always concrete war, specifically imperialist war, and that is a phenomenon of economic life’ WB. Inscription And Erasure / Heliographies of Memory series, 2017. Arnhem, Netherlands. @saidokins & @Leodluna ——————————————-.


. We visited Arnhem thanks to the support of @motelspatie and @naamlooozz. We decided to work on The Airborne Monument, a monument placed in the center of a memorial situated in front of the John Frost Bridge, dedicated to the fallen soldiers during Market Garden Operation, in the Second World War. The monument is a damaged column that belonged to the Justice Palace, in which appears the inscription: “17 September 1944”, referring to Arnhem Battle. We worked on this piece in the exact day of the Commemoration, and the memorial was full of photographs, flowers and candles. It is the only day of the year in which social memory activates through the monument. ———————————————.























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