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Media by Craig Gleason πŸ”ͺ · Be_dBZ_DHHu · Likes: 5525 · Posted: 2018-02-09T22:43
09.02.18 - 22:43
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A couple old sculpts of mine. Who would you like to see sculpted next?
@eb1349 Space Skank
@jakes-ipod These are amazing
@ligmaart Solar scum!!!!!
@nightmare-soda Alley cat
@chadinfinite Those shot glasses are sick! Rocking the Ghoul shirt tonight. It’s cold AF in MO. Keep killing it dude! πŸ”ͺ
@enginecogs Dude those are so great. You should sculpt more, your art style is great and I love how it shows in your sculpts too.
@enginecogs Also, I NEED those cups. How do I get my paws on those??
@awesome__thanks Let's see them pricks!!!!
@mgmanuel_foto These sculptures are fantastic! Your style looks great in 3d.
@brennanantunell When will these glasses be available. I need hem
@ghostpyramid Neither
@sofiafiafiaa space skankπŸ™πŸ»
@masonbinns Turtle neck and softy
@mallgrab900 The Butt lol
@brad_madness Sea scum would be rad
@gubberdude The bad guy of course
@mykelonergan Let’s see some toys
@littlecammyc Plz sell these beer glasses sooo rad
@afonso_f-_lucas That TV guy would be a neat sculpture!
@tudirkeinenzwangan Prick please!
@sirkevinjones Creature from the Black Lagoon!!