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09.02.18 - 21:08
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@ghoubies I was wondering what happened to this one. Looking sweet!
@speczacular Cool bones
@markthepunk Dont talk to me or my son ever again
@brit-with-one-t Wow that’s cool as all bloody hell
@martykacz I dig it as is.
@david-skeleton-boy Smaller ghoul looks like it’s struggling with some sort of ailment. A ghoul disorder? Or is it goin thru ghoul puberty
@pizzaratt YES YES YES 👍🏼👍🏼😍😍🔥🔥🔥
@craig-gleason @tastethegrave666 look who’s talking.
@craig-gleason @david.skeleton.boy full fledged ghoul puberty.
@ryanasfuck @tastethegrave666 That's how you build a brand.
@tastethegrave666 @craig.gleason eh? Look who’s talking? Sounding a tad silly there😂...borderline childish
@tastethegrave666 @ryanaslol aye? repeating??
@evangelion-elijah Ghoul and son
@strangeholes Father son bonding?
@madmaxwilt 🙏🏽
@tastethegrave666 @kalencb I did say anything about copying style, numb nuts! But honestly, I can’t thank you enough for the compliment, travis is by far the best dude I’ve ever met🤘🏻 but since you might be a little bit slow, which is cool🤘🏻 I didn’t say anything about copying other dudes, I said Craig’s stuff is all the same! I’m sorry if I hurt your boyfriend in some way
@tastethegrave666 @kalencb also, ya lol! Do you really know real dudes like mike diana you clown? Or still loling on the cock of someone? Hold my copic pen ya Bell end😂😂😂
@david-skeleton-boy LOL ^^^^^^
@christopher_walken @tastethegrave666 lol I like how Craig is the one who was insulted yet you’re the one butt hurt with 4 extra comments 😂 Im sure you’ll go far 🤣
@tastethegrave666 @christopher_walken dude, learn grammar....please
@christopher_walken @tastethegrave666 lol, that retort makes zero sense. Congratulations, you are awarded zero points. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. You’re a loltard 😭