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Lean Back. -Norm





@kim-verbon @herbdrawsaline ❀️
@graphitesmears Amazing
@shravani_1-618 This is love @_hardik_gandhi_
@_hardik_gandhi_ @shravani_1.618 is 😍
@_ashasash_ This one is PHENOMENAL so gooooood
@lotrgirl_305 Wow!!!
@joyce_carmo These are great! ❀
@artofrengin Wow! Amazing linework! Love the flow in the whole drawing.
@sherrydelorme_creative πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@gokce-np shines!!!
@shannonjeffriesart So good!
@peggity-lisa Wonderful. 😍
@anahdelavega Stunning!
@tonyisdrawing Big fan of your page. Superb work as always. Inspirational. @grizandnorm πŸ‘
@cransys I hope to draw like this one day
@theartofrobertviljoen I just do figure drawing from the computer these days does that help any?
@grizandnorm @theartofrobertviljoen Any type of drawing practice that you keep up will help you in ways you don't know yet. Keep it up.
@theartofrobertviljoen @grizandnorm thanks for taking the time to help me😊 I really appreciate it.
@_punchy_ God damn these lines are beautiful. πŸ§πŸ’•
@txufls Simple yet sexy
@karma_strikes_back πŸ”