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22.01.18 - 17:33
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Tributary. 29.5cm by 25cm. Etching 2018




@b-by-nj 😱 cant believe i got one ! #My1stPhlegm
@bentolman 😥 time.
@rew-rite @justclairesstuff @pastparanormal2016 I knew this was going to be a little bit tricky to get hold of but didn’t expect quite this level, obviously a desirable release and big fan base with favourable release time for US. Sure plenty of people were after it and hope some fans snagged one in time but the amount on ebay already makes me wonder. I’m not sure I could have done anything more to get one, maybe I was just unlucky this time....
@rew-rite Time between the drop, carting and entering payment just didn’t seem possible, sold out in well under a minute
@sergeant_d Missed out thanks to my credit card company declining the transaction 🙁
@mikeydread777 @d7606 I was feeling confident when I realised there were 200 available. Short lived though. Nice to see so many on eBay already.😒
@d7606 @mikeydread777 Same...fingers crossed next time 👌
@19_george_88 @phlegm_art has nearly 80k followers, this post alone 4.5k likes and your all out here blaming bots? No it’s called demand. I got one without a bot as I expect 199 others did. You just need autofill and patience. Not everybody can win all the time. Im sure there will be more
@the_art_man66 @19_george_88 i got one... tbh i wouldn’t have a clue what a bot is. Autofill is good
@ted__patrick @rew.rite that's because it's not