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21.01.18 - 16:42
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Great night in Brussels last night watching Rory play bass for the Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band (Rory featured in a lot of my paintings in 2006 - without his bass). A highlight as always is watching the band rip up copies of the Daily Mail and make sweet sweet music from the sound @matthewherbertmusic




. Photo by Shabba
@mememoryman Congrats
@nekvelillustration You are in Brussels? Wanna meet ? :D
@conorsaysboom @nekvelillustration back already ✌️
@conniebree Class
@arveene Shabba O’d 👌🏾
@jimmcguire Yes brexit is a shit idea. When are we hanging big boy.
@colm__k Yes!!! 👌🏼
@tank46_1 One of your frescoes in Brussels soon I hope!
@jannstgm 🥂
@spaoife_art @ezra.meaden