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17.01.18 - 19:17
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Where is this truck headed?


@sbezzzy Lol to LA
@pastpaid-clothing Wet
@pennalicia Kahuku
@wzrd-king Round Two
@humblefine A hype beast.
@key-nom mom’s basement studio
@ashtonnobler To the dumps
@moonpupog One fat lolin pahday
@vpabove To a @nojumper interview
@ikaikaloha @richthekid house
@ceecretsociety To HYPEVILLE
@alyxtheartist @antwill_89 your house 😂
@danz-garcia Complexcon or a sneaker con
@leadronin Landfill
@therealdavidparks Preme store on fairfax
@m-a-t-t-h-e-w-g 🆑outville
@rickydubbthedreamer @dreamteamsf they on the get back trynna sell it all back to the best store in the galaxy!
@wlnic @waynosleep
@trulymartin Round 2
@flossindaily Nigo's crib
@jala1987 Back to Hawaii!