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16.01.18 - 18:20
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It was a warm spring morning when the old king became a new kingdom.




@muhhl_in so. freaking. nice.
@quarry_rocks Fuck yes
@matt_made_this ❤️
@giannab23 Aw, that is incredibly sweet!
@janetguertin Love!
@skitcherrr @creaturebox love your guys work any YouTube vids or twitch streams in the future
@mery_panchi7 Esto va a ser lo proximo que hagaas @meryzell !!!
@timwatcherstoryteller inspiration?
@justinallers @creaturebox how long does an image like this take you from start to finish? How many layers and different brushes are you working with? Both of your guys work always amazes and inspires me, keep the awesome work coming!
@heco_art Amazing!