Griz and Norm Lemay

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Hold This for Me. -Norm





@papacarlos__ Could you ever do a process video of a figure drawing? Itd be super helpful to see your thought process
@unison-arts This is amazing
@unison-arts @papacarlos__ Great idea
@unison-arts What do you use to draw these?
@adrienneldeluca 😍 I love your figure drawings so much
@iamabando @grizandnorm so good!!😭😭😭
@theartofrobertviljoen Amazing gesture, how long does it take to learn to draw like this??☺
@grizandnorm @theartofrobertviljoen It really is a case of "sticking with it". I used to get very frustrated with life drawing and I put away the practice for awhile. Then i realized it's a necessary evil for me to get better and decided to embrace the routine and I made it a point to just show up once or twice a week, every week. I now enjoy it and see it as an escape.
@peggity-lisa I love the weight in this! 😁
@theartofrobertviljoen @grizandnorm I just do figure drawing from the computer these days does that help any?