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>Los Angeles, California<

Activis Flavored Pop Tarts, Trusted by Young Metro. Tag someone who would try this. ⛽️



@carlypaigefrancis @tylerbpenta
@e_traine *may cause drowsiness*
@rickydubbthedreamer Hahaha bruh just for the fvck of it! I got 2 for 5!!! Who need it!
@thewesleyjames Real actavis is bitter af
@alliemayyy @valley101 trusted by young metro omg
@dylan___decool @jaycritch have this baller make you some album art
@raew00d 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@aliinui @lowletitbang
@crmerten @lookatart
@crmerten @red_faced_william