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Tuesday Tips - Leg Day ---The goal of any character drawing (or figure drawing) should always be to convey a character and make the technique or work behind it disappear. Unfortunately, the only way I know how to get to that point is to diligently practice the "behind the scene" techniques. -Norm








@antoniotyler This is the kind of leg day I can handle. šŸ˜…
@miguelgz03 Legs are the most arduous part of the body for me to draw! šŸ˜…
@wyattthenerd These tips are always super helpful! Never too old to learn
@polvo_de_universo Dat Ass
@toreybutner Awesome tip!! šŸ˜Š #neverforgetlegday
@austin94110 For days
@comunsilvestre @lorenzovasypa
@chris_barton_art Never skip leg day!
@bursaroo What can I say? Iā€™m a leg man
@sharktooth72 These are great!