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06.02.18 - 16:04
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The streets of


are safe with Officer Mickey and his trusty pal Pluto on the beat.











@cartoonsbyric 😍👍ace
@tayenkim Except that building with the loose wires.
@amos-martinez Amazing!
@ericscales13 @tayenkim ⚡️⚡️
@taiijitu That is really adorable
@chrisdudleyart @ericscales13 isn’t that just Pluto’s tail? 😜
@evantroutt This is absolutely wonderful
@ericscales13 @art_dud yes i think @tayenkim was referring to the Power Co. building in Toontown at Disneyland. Unless i misunderstood.
@pinksparkletutu I love this! All of ToonTown looks so good in artwork!
@ericscales13 @pinksparkletutu i agree!