Griz and Norm Lemay

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05.02.18 - 16:51
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@nathangreno This is great!
@spookyerin Phenomenal! I can't get over how wonderfully you capture the curves in the hips/rump!
@olliemiku Gah this is so wonderful.
@dangdraws Love it! Check my page out! @dangdraws
@peggity-lisa Love it!
@meg_the_sketcher Beautiful line work, she feels so fleshy and real!
@stacyewalker This collection is from my session modeling at Disney Feature Animation last week.
@graphitesmears Your figure drawings are seriously so amazing. I always admire it your drawings and I hope my figure drawings will be as good as yours someday
@grizandnorm @graphitesmears Keep practicing. Focus on telling a story through the character, as vague as that sounds. It's really what's it's all about.