Sonny Boy

08.01.18 - 23:06
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>Los Angeles, California<

Hey sign painters! My friend @alphajamesalpha makes these great pallets for lettering and pinstriping, they work great! Perfect size and weight for you to hold while painting. I finally had the chance to break mine in for the first time on this job. Please inquire with James @alphajamesalpha for more info on how to get one... Thanks for the pics @boldlines_
@joshmcdowelltattoos Just ordered one!
@boldlines_ πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
@marbella_22 @miljax_mamabear
@horrible_harry Love mine!!!
@cityslickerpinstriping I got four of em, and plan to get another couple to gift to signy friends
@unopuede 😱
@lasignpainting Thanks! Just got a pair.