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04.01.18 - 11:51
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Copper plate engraving. Cigarette card series. 3.5cm by 7cm.







@keefer Lovely!
@anthonymayart These are really great.
@davorgromilovic Love this one ✨👌🏼✨
@gal_tiki I really like the juxtaposition of these "tiny" original Phlegm vs. the stories-high original mural art Phlegm. I like the thought of the same artist & mind working behind the enormous and the wee. These little shares remind me of how it felt when I first stumbled upon your art (in London) – gifts of happy surprises. Looking forward to their availability!
@roomthirtythree Love this format 💙
@hricharajpoot @daksha24 😉go for such sorta wrks
@ritarestifo A little/big masterpiece ❣️💣
@kansasbbq So good!
@arrow_mcd Look, kids, a unicorn! 😍
@muchnessown 😍