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>Distrito Federal, Mexico<

2018, Calligraphy @saidokins Changing it rests __________________________________ Best wishes for this 2018, there are coming new adventures, new things to learn. Thanks to all who have supported me and trust in my work, you are light. __________________________________ ‘wholes and not wholes, being like and being different, in tune and out of tune, and from all things one, and from one all things’ Heraclitus __________________________________










































@saidokins Thanks my friends from @calligraphymasters for all support
@heerlenmurals Fresh ink be dripping! ✌🏿
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@saidokins @heerlenmurals Padrinow the best for the next 2018 thanks for all and see you the next year , let’s plan all the things 🌟🎉
@saidokins @stylefighting thanks for all my friend
@ricardoangelesm padrino sacando el power
@saidokins @ricardoangeles gracias padrino lo mejor para este 2018
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@hulises-oc Chingon Padrino, esperamos verte de nuevo en Guadalajara un gusto concerté, un fuerte abrazo.