Sonny Boy

29.12.17 - 00:04
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>Rebel Eight<

Lettering at the @rebel8 headquarters today.







@redlightkissez Sooo good ⚡️
@the_harpoon The best
@mama_dino_ Good job cuz, showing off your talent.
@dals3 Damn. So good, man!
@rebel8 The best.
@davebramson Your work is killer! Inspiring as always!! I’ve been looking for a palette just like that one, where’d you pick yours up at?
@heeyy_kevin U make it look so effortless. 🤔🤓👌🏼
@tat2shae AlWAIs on point!!!!
@netoseteoito Beautiful Work!!!
@apple-jaxs So sick! Question. What you call those brushes?