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‘Inscripción y Borradura’ (‘Inscription and Erasure’), @saidokins & @leodluna. Heliographies of Memory series, 2017. Heerlen, Netherlands. @schunck_glaspaleis | MusicSchool |


_________________________________ Owing to @heerlenmurals invitation, we worked during a week on the production of a new series that will be presented next year, as a big format photograph situated in the center of the city, along with a large-scale mural, following with the tradition Heerlen is well-known for: mural intervention. One of the things that stand out in Heerlen is the palimpsest that at first sight is possible to observe in its architecture: a city with traces of the Roman occupation and Medieval remnants, in contrast to Modernist and Avant-Garde architecture, all along in the same place. In the city center, we can find the most emblematic building in Heerlen, the Glaspaleis, built in 1935 by Fritz Peutz, a jewel of Netherlands modernism. A few steps away, there it is the Pancatiuskerk, a Romanic style church, erected between 10th and 12th centuries. Next to it, we look at the Music School a part of Glass Palace, constructed in 2003 by Jo Coenen, Wiel Arets Architects, an icon of contemporary architecture. __________________________________ …every erased trace, in consciousness, can leave a trace of its erasure whose symptom (individual, or social, historical, political and so on) will always be capable of ensuring its return. Jaques Derrida __________________________________




















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