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29.11.17 - 18:48
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A couple of weeks ago we finished this mural in Rotterdam thanks to @rewriters010! • Trees are in the way of a good final shot, so we're waiting on those leafs to fall 🍂🍂 •










@swaseone Big up
@maasplassen Wow 😲, have to go check it out! 🧐
@maasplassen Location?? 🙏
@noahmccco Someobody paints
@rewriters010 Damn those leafs.. we should have cut off more of them.. 🌳🌳🤦‍♂️
@li_hill Whoah looks sick
@gudassis Show
@bijawsudahmakan Is that Ellen ?
@lizzythecynic Have you seen this?! @essiiepessie
@rotterdam_info Nice!