Daleast · Bal9q2GlTyb

23.10.17 - 16:03
❤ 1976

🛰 SODO station

The recent mural for @sodotrack in Seattle. Thanks to @pixelatedstreets for the photos.




@tavarzawacki Nice one dude
@wassiehstdu Just incredibly strong and pure - decay
@barnaclesonaboat Been seeing this one on my trips to the airport @boxcarwillie
@frankie_strand !!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙
@hdartgroup 🖤❤️🖤
@hdartgroup 👏👏👏
@hdartgroup ✅✅✅
@gamges Love this
@urbanpainting Dal, it's beautiful
@louis_van_vuuren Wow 😮
@kkenly89 Holy lol I need to go see this! Thanks @daleast for making this fair city a bit more beautiful!!
@kkenly89 @civikone
@enrichiement @valerierose be on the lookout for this rad piece! 😍
@__yampi__ Amazing 😍👏🏻🙌🏻🔥
@pdrotoolart Para ti mi amor @ivettepina
@sanity_decays_ @lovelyylunaa incredible
@ivettepina @pdrotoolart hermoso! 😍
@ooartsyfartsyoo It seems to me that Miami needs one too....please 😁
@fa_so_lee_doe 😍😍😍
@sensitiva84 Wow!
@lxir75 👌💣🎨💥🔥 B.U.R.N.E.R